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Taking on the World, One Barrel Tasting at a time

If you had asked me a little over two years ago if I would be involved in the bourbon industry, I probably would have laughed. I knew nothing of the topic and didn’t drink the spirit.

Learning this industry has taught me a lot of things, and this blog is meant to bring those things I learn to you. You won’t find reviews here, only stories about the great people who make up the bourbon industry. And maybe a little about the spirits itself.

Bottling History

Tasting barrels everyday leads to lots of bottling.


Private Reserves


Recent Notes

My notes will include interviews with friends and family, recent releases, current happenings, and much more!


Meet- aversaryHelloBehind The ScenesHi, I’m miss Tricia   Many of you I have met. And some of you I have not. I am not sure HOW I haven't met you, but I hope to one day! But whether I have met you or not, I would like to celebrate with you this week. This week...

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J. Mattingly 1845 Latest Gift Shop Releases

1. Sweet Ass Blonde - 12-year whiskey

  • 95 bottles
  • 136 proof
  • NOTES: nose: fun fair grounds. Palate: loved cinnamon lane food isle loved the center of my tongue not the outer gravitron ride. 

2. Rocking Chair - 12-year whiskey blend

  • 50 bottles
  • 134 proof
  • NOTES: Bold and full flavored challenging the palate. It clearly expresses its personality with remanence of vanilla and caramel apple. Perfect for sipping on an Autumn night.

3. Light & Lovely - 12-year whiskey blend

  • 58 bottles
  • 95  proof
  • NOTES: Very passionate, smooth and chill with an expression of elegance. This whiskey brings forth citrus and floral flavors. 

4. Round Table - 12-year whiskey blend with a splash of bourbon

  •  17 sets (includes 5 oz bottles of each single barrel)
  •  127 proof
  • NOTES: A very well-rounded profile and a good, “heated” conversation on the end. 

5. Remember Being Single - 4-year single barrel bourbon

  •  65 bottles
  •  119.9 proof
  • NOTES: Creamy chocolate notes, made me think of a tootsie roll.....hence chocolate starburst.

6. Flapjack - 12-year small batch whiskey

  •  184 bottles
  •  123 proof
  • NOTES: A sweet profile will leave your pancakes jealous. THis maple syrup, brown sugar crumble tasting whiskey finishes with a spicey, oily finish.

7. Beauty Queen - 12-year small batch whiskey

  •  18 bottles
  •  115 proof
  • NOTES: “Hot” front with a little bad attitude throughout.

Family Gallery

Oh the stories of a craft distillery.

I love storytelling. Especially storytelling in pictures. Here, you will get a story of distillery life in photos, as there is never a shortage of moments or friendships at Bourbon 30.

Latest Bourbon 30 News

We have released our NEW Bourbon 30 labels! We will no longer produce the 80-proof single barrel bourbon whiskey, but will have the 90-proof and 100-proof bourbon whiskey. 

We hope you enjoy the new labels and our newest batches! 


Upcoming Releases

Our future releases include private, in-house reserves, as well as picks made by guests just like yourselves. Below is a list of picks ready, but not yet released.

Whiskey blend

123 proof


 A sweet profile will leave your pancakes jealous. This maple syrup, brown sugar crumble tasting whiskey finishes spicey and oily.



Single Barrel Whiskey

135 proof
Blondie VII

A Friendly reunion, full of personalities, attitudes and hugs.



Whiskey blend

122.5 proof

This whiskey has a smooth front that builds to a flowerful, but delicate and warm spice finish.