Round table

Round One

it’s not about the bourbon

“You may start off at Bourbon 30 Spirits because we are a bourbon distillery, but once you get here, it isn’t about the bourbon anymore,” said Master Crafter Jeff Mattingly.

Florida Gators

This single barrel whiskey has a banana cream and chocolate middle followed by a mocha cream, perfect for the early-morning pep rally.

130 proof




Ohio bearcats

This single barrel whiskey with a minty, slightly bitter dark chocolate body and an oily, sweet vanilla cream and a nice, warm finish.

128 proof


Kentucky Splash

How appropriate that the “Kentucky Splash” is a single barrel bourbon? Profile: creamy corn bread with a pinto bean finish.

112 proof


Roundtable Story



If you have ever been to Bourbon 30, you realize that family is important to us. On July 26, 2019, that was no different!  


The day started off with unscheduled distillery tours and quickly turned into a conversation around stainless steal drums with two married couples from different parts of the country and the Bourbon 30 crew. As we were talking about the different profiles we all enjoyed, an idea was sparked. Why not do a blend as a group? 


“We didn’t know what to expect when we scheduled the day. Our intent was to stay a few hours [at Bourbon 30], try samples and leave. Once we were there, time stopped and we ended up opening and closing the place!” said Damon Legault of Ohio.


During the visit, the first Roundtable (round one) was born! A gathering ’round the drum, a three-part blend. Made up of “Ohio Bearcats”, “Florida Gators”, and a little “Kentucky Splash”, this profile is something to talk about around the table with your friends and family.


“It’s all about the relationships,” said Jeff Mattingly, owner of Bourbon 30 Spirits. “Bourbon may have brought us here, but it’s not what it’s about,” he said. 


Bourbon is what started the Roundtable tradition, but it isn’t what will continue the tradition. “You can’t break the family bond we make around bourbon and whiskey,” said Mattingly. 




Family Time

“We talked, we belly laughed, ate and danced alongside the staff all day!”

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Don’t be left out! Come make your own bottle and find your special whiskey for your special occasion. Work personally with our Master Crafter Jeff Mattingly to perfect your very own blend!

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