Bourbon 30 Spirits, J. Mattingly 1845 and Honor Flight TriState are teaming up this season to send 17 veterans to see their memorials in Washington D.C..

If you don’t know about Honor Flight, you should take the time to look at their website and all they do for veterans. Veterans from WWII, Korean War and Vietnam who are over the age of 65 are all eligible to be sent to Washington D.C., free of charge, to visit the memorials, including the memorial dedicated to the war in which they fought. “Many of these memorials were built rather recently and a large portion of the veterans have never had the chance to see those memorials,” said Jennifer Selm, Secretary on the Board of Directors.

 As more than 6,500 veterans have been sent to D.C. thanks to Honor Flight TriState, this organization serves Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, covering quite a bit of territory. This experience is meant to be a “thank you” for their service and sacrifice. “These veterans served our country and most of them never had a proper welcome home and most of them never had even a ‘Thank you’,” said Cheryl Popp, Chairman of the Board. “They came home and built our country without saying a word and went on to be the parents of us all. This is a chance for us to say THANK YOU, finally, for their service,” she said. 

The day entails a one-day excursion from Cincinnati to Washington D.C. following an itinerary covering the lot of memorials across D.C. for the whole day. Starting with The Marine Memorial (Iwo Jima), the vets then venture to Arlington National Cemetery where they see the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Air Force Memorial is next, followed by the Navy Memorial, World War II Memorial, Korea, Lincoln and Vietnam Memorials. Then the vets board their plane to travel back to Cincinnati. “There is a Welcome Home Rally of usually over 600 people welcoming the vets home from their fabulous day,” Popp said. 

 Some have the opportunity to travel with the veterans as a “guardian”, accompanying that veteran throughout their day-long excursion. “Once you meet your veteran as a guardian, the thrill is beyond your wildest imagination,” said one guardian. Another guardian recalls how their veteran didn’t feel deserving of any recognition of their service! We tend to disagree.

 As more veterans are sent to D.C., more stories are collected and more hearts are touched. “I can recall many “magic” moments but when he told me about all the places he fought at the Iwo Jima memorial, I knew I was in the presence of a true hero,” said one guardian. 

Military support is something Jeff Mattingly has always been passionate about. He says it was one of his regrets in life, not serving, but he tries his best to support in any way he can. “It’s our duty to give back to the very people who gave us our freedom,” Mattingly said. Which is why he loves the idea of supporting this cause. 

Honor Flight TriState bottles are $175.00 a bottle. The blend was created by veterans and the board of this wonderful charity. More than $50 a bottle goes to the charity and will provide $10,000 after the sale of the 200 bottles. We appreciate everyone who has supported Bourbon 30 in the past and for those who have the opportunity to support Honor Flight TriState. 


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Honor Flight TriState

200 bottles available

137.6 Proof

Profile: spicy vanilla butterscotch throughout finishing warm, yet smooth and chocolatey.

Honor Flight TriState Pic

The board of directors, supporters and veterans picked the blend themselves at Bourbon 30 Distillery.