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Bourbon 30 is a unique place where you can build your own bourbons. We have been called the “Build-A-Bear of Bourbons” on numerous occasions and really enjoy that title. In an industry that has so much history and tradition, we like to break through that with a new way of doing things. Why not be your own blender? Why not create your own beautiful profile based on what you like? 

Master Crafter Jeff Mattingly crafts each barrel individually, creating a completely different profile from one barrel to another. I know you have probably heard the “talk”, but it is super exciting to see these barrels change and mature over a short period of time with the changes that he makes. Although Jeff won’t share his secrets, I trust his methods, as I have seen them work over and over again. 

As the weather has started to change, so have the barrels. Some are ready, some are not, some simply need to be “completed” using another barrel. That is all up to you! We love the rapid change of profiles, watching as some barrels blossom into a mature and full bourbon or whiskey. How exciting to see a barrel cycle through a rough patch to expand into a full, rich profile! 

We recently received bourbon barrels Jeff has been aging for a while. We brought them in, excited to tap into the unknown. The nerves! As we tasted each “new” barrel, we found them to be very different in profile, something we expected, yet love. As Jeff has spent the last few weeks crafting them, we have written out profiles for them below… maybe one will strike your fancy. All are five-year bourbons from MGP. We absolutely love our MGP products! 

We can’t wait to see where these barrels take us… what journey we have ahead of us in this beautiful world full of bourbon!


Sugar, molasses on the nose with a smooth from that builds up to the spice and warmth of rye. The tastes of nits, apricot, hazelnut, peach cobbler middle, and a brown sugar crumble finish.


Very chill and smooth, but the rye gives it a kick of spice and great heat. Front and middle are lacking a little.


Peach cobbler, peach pie, citrus, fruity, floral, but with rich flavors of butter, sugar and spice on the end. 


Oily and floral. Finishes dry and slightly peppered. 


High rye taste. Spicy and makes your mouth water. 


A strong body but needs more maturation time. 

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