The Bourbon 30 Experience really hasn’t changed all that much in the last 10 years. You get the quiet, soft-spoken Jeff Mattingly who tells you the historic background of a family history that dates back to 1845… Who am I kidding? No you don’t. You get a crazy, loud, kiss-ya-on-the-head kinda dude rattling on about stealing bourbon from his dad and his stories about building a brand while traveling the tri-state area selling merchandise before he even sold his first bottle. He did what?

Not too much has changed over the years, at least his ability to get into shenanigans hasn’t. Or create them. (We haven’t quite determined if it’s 100-percent his doing. Guess it’s really on a case-by-case basis.) Really the only thing that has changed is our environment and Jeff’s ability to reel just about any person in, whether they like bourbon or not, has simply gotten out of control. Let’s just be honest about the situation. 

As Bourbon 30 grows and reaches other states, we are so grateful and thankful to all the people who have supported Jeff and his endeavor. Bourbon 30 merchandise has traveled the world, making it THAT TIME to stop and recognize. Recognize what exactly? Well, that’s really up to you. What did your Bourbon 30 experience mean to you? What occasions do you bring out your bottle of Bourbon 30 at home? What comes to mind when you see a bottle of Bourbon 30 sitting on your bar at home? That brings up another thought. 

Jeff has always said, “It’s not about the bourbon.” 

I thought I got it.

I did. I thought I understood that that meant more than a drink… more than a moment. It was more! Yea, well. I THOUGHT I knew. 

Now I really know.

Through this insane time of our lives, we have all had time to reflect some… some of us have had more time than others, but you get what I’m saying. Many are struggling, many don’t know what to do, many are looking for help and safety. And that includes us. 

As we maneuver this new world, we also try to maneuver the new business world. After all, we are a small business trying to grow and trying to succeed. 

As we just got distribution in Texas, Tennessee, and Ohio, we have had to shut our gift shop to our guests. Something Jeff absolutely hates. Something that has hit us pretty hard. In the gut and the heart. 

We still have curbside service going, but what fun is shoving a bottle in someone’s hand as they do a drive-by? Jeff wants to hug and kiss them and make them super uncomfortable. Jeff is hurting. We are all hurting. Now… I get it. 

The loneliness we are all experiencing is something we could not predict, let alone have a solution to. We are all missing you and praying for your safety and health, but dangit, we miss those faces!!!!! Can you imagine the torture I have endured working with Jeff cooped up in the distillery with nobody else to talk to? Let’s just say IT’S THAT TIME for more bourbon for me. 

We have experienced some luck over the last month, but have also experienced some feelings of deep gratitude and thankfulness that we truly can’t put into words. IT’S THAT TIME to count our blessings and to say thank you for the love and support. We hope it continues, but more than that, we wish your family health and safety in the times to come.