#MattinglyMonday will be a series of posts about Master Crafter Jeff Mattingly. Every other Monday a different post will expose the Jeff Mattingly that we all wonder about!


Jeff Mattingly

Bourbon 30 Master Crafter

About Jeff Mattingly. Oh my goodness. Where do I begin? I say we start at the beginning. It’s usually a good place to start.

Charles Jeffrey Mattingly was born in Breckenridge County, Kentucky, and grew up helping the family farm a 600-acre farm. “Balltown”, also known as “Mattingly Town”, is a tiny mark on the Kentucky map and was named “Mattingly Town” after his father, who was deemed Mayor of the town many years ago. (Only one person showed for the election, and that was Mr. Mattingly, himself.)

One of six, Jeffrey is the oldest boy among his siblings and never takes that role seriously. (There are very few things he does take seriously!)

After finishing school in a private catholic school, he left home at the age of 17. Jeff attended a technical school and worked for UPS as a young man. In 1994 he went to work at Toyota, had four kids, and retired in 2009. But don’t be fooled. Jeff is not someone to sit around idly. Less than a year later he started Bourbon 30 while sitting at home in his garage. From there, he traveled the tristate area attending black tie events and flea market sales selling his merchandise from his Bourbon 30 clothing line. “I wanted to learn about the people and what they knew about bourbon and whiskey,” he said. “I also wanted to premarket before Bourbon 30 hit the shelves.

Bourbon 30 hit the Kentucky shelves in 2014 and Jeff created a following that allowed him to move into his current Water Street location in downtown Georgetown in January of 2017. This location has allowed Jeff to create and maintain his business model that is unique to the industry. “It’s hard to accept change because my business model was so different, so it’s humbling to see something that was built from the ground up take off,” he said. “I wanted to make whiskey more accessible to the general public. So many people are just curious about it. So why not teach them?” he said.

In the fall of 2017, the J. Mattingly 1845 brand slowly took shape when Blondie I was found. J. Mattingly 1845 is a brand that allows anyone to create their own blend unique to their palate. “It affords everyone the opportunity to do a barrel pick. One bottle at a time,” he said.

As the brand has grown, J. Mattingly 1845 hit the shelves in Texas and Tennessee in 2019. “I am very honored and proud that people spend their hard-earned money to buy our bourbons and whiskies,” he said. “Not everyone has the income to do so.”

As the company reaches its 10-year anniversary, Jeff is no stranger to hard times. “We don’t have investors or backers and we don’t have millions of dollars,” he said. “So we struggle just like any other small business,” Jeff said.

But Jeff’s outlook for the next 10 years is full of excitement! “I have been so humbled by the opportunities I have had through this company and look forward to paying it forward in the next 10,” he said.