J. Mattingly 1845

Charity Bottles


Capt. Nick, 131 proof bourbon, 214 bottles



At any given time Bourbon 30 and J. Mattingly 1845 charity bottles are at the shop. “It’s important to give back,” owner Jeff Mattingly said. “That’s why we are here. To help each other.”

Bourbon 30 is providing bottles for foundations that we find to be near and dear to our hearts. We currently have two foundations we are working closely with and are honored to donate toward their causes.

The Captain Nick Rozanski Memorial Fund does quite a bit for students and the Ohio community where Rozanski’s family resides. Not only does the fund provide scholarships for students who exemplify Capt. Nick’s love for soccer and academics, but it also provides scholarships for current and veteran military students who are entering college, and much more. The fund’s mission is to “provide scholarships, resources and direct assistance in order to improve our community”. And we are thrilled to be a small part of this effort. 

This bourbon blend was blended with Capt. Nick’s family and close friends at our Georgetown distillery. The group picked out this bourbon blend in honor of Capt. Nick and hope you enjoy its rich flavors and notes.

Bourbon 30 Spirits is donating $10,000 to the fund after we have sold the 214 bottles of this wonderful bourbon and we thank everyone who has already supporting this endeavor. 


J. Mattingly 1845

Charity Bottles


Honor Flight TriState, 137.6 proof whiskey, 200 bottles 


Honor Flight TriState is an incredible organization that serves veterans in this tristate area. How exactly? Well, they send the veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials to the wars in which these veterans fought. “They fought for us to be able to agree, disagree, fight, love, but most of all, respect one another’s views and opinions,” said Jeff Mattingly. “This is the least we can do!”

Some of the memorials are recent additions, meaning many veterans have never seen the memorials that are displayed in our nation’s capital. It’s is hard to wrap your mind around that fact. But, the mission for Honor Flight TriState is simple: to make that dream come true for as many veterans as possible. 

Any veteran who is 65 years and older is eligible to take a ride to Washington D.C. and back in a one-day, all-expense-paid trip. Can’t beat that.

We have teamed up with this wonderful foundation and will be contributing $10,000 as we sell the 200 bottles of this blend. The blend was done by board members and veterans making it palatable to many. 

We hope you will help us in our venture to sending veterans on a trip of a lifetime!