About Our Profiles

We are different here at Bourbon 30. We all know it. Down to the way we conduct tours, to the way we bottle, to the way we do small batches that we never replicate. Ever. 


Bourbon 30 has a different way of doing things and that does not exclude writing profiles for those who are interested in a little story before their whiskey.


We catch some flak for the way we write profiles because like to write them as a story. As we try barrels every single day, we are reminded of memories, of stories that once were… good or bad. These stories are wrapped up within that bourbon or whiskey, something to never be separated. 


We all know about the bourbon flavor wheel. The all-mighty wheel that holds all the notes for which we can get from the whiskey. It holds as a great guide for us at Bourbon 30, but it isn’t the whole profile. “There’s more to it than notes, undertones, overtones and tannins,” said Jeff. “Besides, who are we to tell YOU what you get out of a profile?”


We all like and interpret life differently, and why would a whisky profile be any different? “Who cares what everyone else is drinking. Drink what you like,” says owner Jeff Mattingly to most guests. “We all first start drinking what everyone else tells us to, but why? Why not just find something YOU like?”


We get that a lot of timid guests as well. “My palate isn’t sophisticated enough to do a blend of my own,” say a lot of guests. Bologna. It doesn’t matter how much you have experienced… you know what YOU like, right? 


J. Mattingly 1845 picks range anywhere from earthier notes that Mattingly enjoys to the more floral, citrus notes that Miss Tricia enjoys. But there is a nice variety in between. “We like to have an array of profiles and stories for people. We even invite you to come help us find the next reserve,” says owner Jeff Mattingly.


It’s pretty often our guests come in and find a whiskey or a bourbon they can relate to on a personal level. I recall one guest coming in and saying the bourbon reminded him of his grandpa. Now THAT is what we love to hear at Bourbon 30. 


The J. Mattingly 1845 pick called “Peace” is the perfect example. I wrote that profile, as it reminded me of my Gran’s house at Christmas time when she made the dreaded fruitcake. I know nobody actually likes fruitcake, but it was the memory of her humming while getting a little tipsy on the spiced rum while baking the nasty cake in her kitchen while we all sat around talking over the television my Grandpa had going in the den. We all ate it with smiles on our faces, of course, but that is the sentiment I got while trying “Peace”. 


In short, profiles are what you interpret, not what someone else tells you to interpret. We love telling stories at Bourbon 30 and we love sharing them with you. So, we hope you enjoy our profiles… one story at a time.  








What Guests Are Saying

Whether you are bourbon newbie or experienced veteran, Bourbon 30 Spirits offers something truly unique. Their great bourbon and friendly staff makes them a must stop during your trip to the Bluegrass!” (Trip Advisor)

From the first minute Jeff (owner) treated us like one of his own. They ran us through their distilling and barreling process and let us taste almost every barrel they had open. Highly recommend as a unique experience among the very corporate Kentucky distillery scene. Jeff and co are very friendly and you are bound to learn a lot (and be able to blend your own whiskey if you so choose). As far as I am concerned Bourbon 30 is a “must see”.” (Trip Advisor)

Different than any other bourbon tasting we have done, but by far my favorite! We had an absolute blast and left with a delicious bottle. It is a very relaxed, laid back environment and the staff there welcome you like family. We can’t wait to go back!” (Trip Advisor)