Behind The Scenes

Hi, I’m miss Tricia


Many of you I have met. And some of you I have not. I am not sure HOW I haven’t met you, but I hope to one day! But whether I have met you or not, I would like to celebrate with you this week. This week marks a three-year relationship with Bourbon 30 for me. 


Now, some of you know I like to do the behind-the-scenes work so Jeff can spend his time crafting these wonderful barrels and teaching people about what he does, but I am also someone who conducts tours on the regular, and it is such a pleasure to do so! I enjoy every minute sharing my new-found passion for bourbon and whiskey. I especially love it because I didn’t care for it so much when I first met Jeff. True Story. In fact, all that I will be sharing is a true story…


Where did we meet? Well, I think that’s a funny story. 


I was attending a Chamber of Commerce event here in Georgetown, Kentucky, as I owned my own business doing marketing and such for other small businesses. I am deep in a “business” conversation with a potential new client and I hear this boisterous laugh. I look up and here comes Jeff, bald, sweaty, drink in hand; crashing the whole event. Because was he a part of the Chamber of Commerce? NO!


Sitting across from me, we sat and chatted with some ladies from the Department of Tourism, who later have become great friends, for a little bit, but did we talk business? Nope. I believe we talked about craft beer – ha!


Jeff invited me to share my business details with him the following day at the distillery. I was thinking, “Yeah, right. Like this guy cares one bit what I do! Ha!” 


The following day, I decided I would give it a shot. I would waltz in that distillery, share my story and carry on with my other plans for the day. Boy was I wrong! (No day ever goes as you think at Bourbon 30. Ever!) 


We chatted. We tried whiskey. We tried bourbon. We chatted some more. And now, I am in a place where a lot of people find themselves… completely addicted to Bourbon 30 and the culture Jeff has built here. 


Jeff invited me back to work on small things such as graphics and some help with social media. I was thrilled! But, little did I know what I was getting myself into. I would spend the next three years taking on more and more of the daily responsibilities as we grow and the word gets out about our small distillery. I dissolved my business and spend my time diving head first into Bourbon 30! And I love it!


I wake up this morning completely overwhelmed (in a good way) with dreams of where Bourbon 30 will go one day… with Jeff at the helm. And now, his son is here to apprentice with him and it brings tears to my eyes to see them together… they are sometimes yelling, sometimes arguing, but always laughing. What better legacy than to pass hard work and dedication on to your child? I am so proud of both of the goons.  


Jeff, his wife and I spent this past weekend in Texas at a huge release party for a foundation we are near and dear to me now. (The Melendez Foundation) We both got to meet a large group of Jeff’s fans who live in Texas and talk bourbon and whiskey and about all the crazy things we do here at the distillery. Some were newbies and some have been to our humble abode, but nonetheless, we had a great time helping out a foundation and making a splash in the Texas market!

  I am literally writing this at about 4:30 in the morning because I am ready to go! I am ready to build this company with Jeff and to make it the best we can possibly make it. Yes, we might fight like cats and dogs, but ya know what? It’s because we both care and we both want this endeavor to be successful!