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Overpriced Bourbon visits Bourbon 30

Overpriced Bourbon

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Overpriced Bourbon visits Bourbon 30 Spirits

We all start our love affair with bourbon for different reasons. For Travis, it all started with the birth of a child.  Travis’ first child was born eight years ago and he was given a shot of Pappy as a celebration with a friend. “I then started hunting bourbon and trying everything I could get my hands on,” he said. “And with that Pappy, I formed a basis of what I liked,” he said. 

But about four years ago, Travis’ frustration with the market in his area (Tennessee) led him to learn more about the industry, mainly the second-hand market. “I started learning the ins and outs of finding bourbon and I figured out it was about connections and developing relationships,” he said. “That was going to be the only way to get bottles at MSRP.” 

In April 2019, Travis started an instagram page as a way to bring attention to some of the stores gouging customers. As he started getting submissions of poorly-priced bourbons and whiskies, he also received photos of well-priced whiskies. As those were posted, the followers flooded in. “The page turned into an objective view of good and bad pricing of whiskies. The point was to let consumers know what good and bad pricing looked like,” Travis said.

Travis enjoys educating people on these topics, as he feels consumers have the right to know what they are buying. “What I really don’t like is somebody who doesn’t know any better getting taken advantage of. That really rubs me the wrong way,” Travis said.

As Travis educates people about purchasing bourbons and whiskies on the shelf, his Instagram page won the award for “Best Bourbon Page” in its very short existence. “There has never been a page about how to find good bourbon for the blue collar guy or gal,” he said. “It’s really cool because people say it is because of YOU I found a rare bottle!” 

Travis also finds the barrel pick experience a particularly frustrating situation. “First of all, you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get a barrel pick,” he said. “When you get there, you have three barrels sitting there, and if you don’t like them, it’s tough luck,” Travis said. 

This is what led Travis to the J. Mattingly 1845 Experience at Bourbon 30. “You guys opened the doors to us and you cut us loose to be bourbon mad scientist,” he said. “I have never been told to do that!” 

As Travis was introduced to Jeff Mattingly, master crafter at Bourbon 30, and was started on the blending experience, he became a little overwhelmed. “You all run a fantastic operation and have a fantastic product,” he said. “It is a bit overwhelming.” 

Travis’ favorite part of the experience was what Bourbon 30 had to offer as a whole. “You do what nobody else does in the industry,” he said. 

As the day progressed and his mad-scientist skills came to head, Travis learned a little about Jeff, the crazy behind Bourbon 30. “He is not a bourbon snob… he just wanted everybody to have a good time,” he said. “He was helping somebody every time I looked over, and that says a lot about somebody,” Travis said. 

Travis spent his day blending a fantastic whiskey called “Grandpa’s Fancy Sauce” that ended up at 129.5 proof. “For 129.5 proof, this drinks like it is 110,” he said. 

Going through Bourbon 30’s 100 barrels and creating his very own blend, Travis found the best Mattingly bottle, his very own! “One of the best pours I have had all year!”