Wheated Bourbon

Bourbon 30 has added Wheated Bourbon to their inventory!

Bourbon 30 has hand-crafted wheated bourbons available for your liking. Come try some of the newly-crafted wheaters crafted just for you!

Per our guests’ request, we have some crafted wheated barrels that we can’t wait to have you try. They are four and five-year MGP bourbons with a mashbill of 45% wheat, 51% corn, 4% malted barley. Yum!

Plan Your Perfect Bottle

 As many of you know, you are welcome to come to Bourbon 30 and craft your very own bottle of whiskey. You have access to Wheated Bourbon, Bourbon, Rye Whiskey and Whiskey. 

Blend Your Own Bottle!




We invite you to Bourbon 30 to blend your very own, unique bottle of whiskey.

Need help?

We will be here every step of the way!


Don’t miss out on this very unique opportunity. 





Do I need a reservation?

No reservation is needed at Bourbon 30. We invite you at any time during operating hours to come and blend your own bottle, or to do a tour! We look forward to seeing you.

How long does the process of blending your own bottle take?

We recommend setting aside a few hours for blending your own bottle. Bourbon 30 allows you to venture through many barrels and then blend your very own small batch!

What are my blending options?

We currently have four-five-year bourbons, wheated bourbons, five-six-year rye whiskies, and thirteen-fourteen-year-old whiskies. 

What if I am a beginner?

The great thing about blending your very own, unique bottle is that it is by YOUR palate. Who cares what anyone else likes? And who is a better expert on what YOU like than you? Come blend with us. 

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