J. Mattingly 1845 Military & Veterans Division



Celebrating those who choose to serve

J. Mattingly 1845 Military & Veterans Division

Those who know Jeff Mattingly, know he celebrates those in uniform the best way he can. Through his distillery.

Over the years, we have created bottles to celebrate those who have served and continue to serve through our Honor Flight Kentucky bottles, as well as other charitable foundations. However, today, we want to officially launch our “J. Mattingly 1845 Military & Veterans Division” that has been months in the making. 

Mattingly has appointed a veteran to head up the division, a project that Jeff has been working on for a few years. “Two and a half years ago, Greg and his wife came in and introduced themselves. He, just like everyone else who comes in the door, became quickly acquainted with everyone here at Bourbon 30,” Jeff said.

“Over time, Greg explained to me his background and his time and his service and I soon realized he had a passion for people that was inline with Bourbon 30,” he said. And so it began…

The new division’s mission is to give our veterans something unique to commemorate their service, said Jeff. “And my vision included having a whole division dedicated to just that,” he said.

So far, the division has brought some great response, said Greg. “The response has been huge from people purchasing what we have already put out and asking for more and more different military and veteran bottles,” he said.

Greg’s military background includes earning his combat infantryman badge in Afghanistan in 2003 with the 10th Mountain Division, which is the bottle he started with in this endeavor. “This bottle in particular has received great response because I, myself, am a combat infantryman. I saw a want and need for veterans and military personnel to be able to commemorate and express our time in service with high quality bottles of whiskey,” Greg said. 

This is just the beginning of a very important mission, said Jeff. “If it were not for our men and women in uniform, the reds, blues and fatigues, we sure as hell couldn’t be doing what we’re doing now,” he said. 





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